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Autech Zagato Stelvio AZ1, N° 84 of 104, orig. 775km!

1991 Autech Zagato Stelvio AZ1
Chassis no. AZ1-0084

2,960cc DOHC V6 Engine
Fuel Injection
Approx. 280bhp
4-Speed Automatic Transmission
4-Wheel Independent Suspension ownership
*Unique Zagato Creation
*The Zenith of the Japanese “Bubble Era” car market
*probably the best car available worldwide
*no mistake! original 775 km overall mileage!

A high water mark for the Japanese Auto market, the booming economy of the 1980s had left manufacturers flush with cash leading to some truly remarkable creations. Honda gave us the NSX, Toyota the Mark IV Supra, Nissan the GTR… but also a particular Italian bred oddity.

A collaboration between in-house tuning arm Autech and the famed carrozzeria Zagato, the upmarket Nissan Leopard would serve as the basis for which the futuristic body work would be affixed. Sharing familiarities with other Zagato cars from the era, hints of Alfa Romeo SZ and Aston V8 can be seen in its proportions and details. One distinguishing feature are the quintessentially Japanese mirrors seamlessly integrated within the front fender pods. Most importantly, the signature double bubble comprises the roofline of the vehicle.

Under the hood, Nissan’s VG30DET (note the single turbo) provides the expected factory rated “280” horsepower. With the gentleman’s agreement still in effect, the number was for all intents and purposes bogus, with true outputs laying much more realistically somewhere north of three hundred.
The example presented here remained under the car of just a single owner for the entirety of its time within the boundaries of its homeland. The silverchrome paint looks remarkable in the sunlight, and greatly adds to the futuristic look of the vehicle. The recipient of detailed care over the years, the interior shows no amount of wear on the seats and touchpoint and is free from any sort of cracking or splitting. Outside, the bodywork is free of any blemishes and comes complete with the rarely seen headlight covers.
The car will arrive complete with Japanese inspection documents, owners’ manuals, and literature by Andrea Zagato.

The ultimate collectors car, the Autech Zagato is unlike anything else on the road. Being just one of only 104 produced, you are likely never to run into another one on the road and will certainly be a point of interest within any car meet.

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