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BMW 635 CSi 1.Series, unrestored full-option car in brillant condition

We have the original Japanese chequebook, which gives us unbelievable, record-breaking 27 maintenance and inspections on this BMW Coupé. The 635 is 85% in its original paint and is rust-free. Literally “free of rust”. We mean that exactly as we write it. The body is the first, as is every piece of sheet metal on it. No accidents or other anomalies worth mentioning here. The technology was apparently not only checked and maintained extremely often and at short intervals, but also operated very carefully. The car does not only look like a well-kept annual car, but also drives like one.

In fact, we cannot write much more about a car like this. Its origin, its complete history, the assurance of accident and rust-free operation on our part, the mileage, the year of manufacture, and finally the lengthy description of what will not happen to you with this BMW: You will not be disappointed and a supposedly high price will be quickly forgotten when you have seen this 6-series.

It stands up to any comparison, no matter how critical. Of course, we do not know all 6-series BMW of this series. Therefore we did not presume to make statements about the other BMW Coupés available on the market. We are only very sure about our 635: an unrestored original could hardly be better. Unless it comes off the assembly line now. Such almost untouched specimens can be counted on the market on one hand.

We are very aware that our description contains many superlatives and is therefore read all the more critically. We even insist on this in this case and are happy to be measured by it. Please arrange an appointment with us for a viewing. The BMW and we ourselves will be available to answer your questions. It simply convinces with the countless details that make it what it is – untouched and aged with dignity under the best of care. That is why it is an absolute stroke of luck from our point of view.

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Your DLS Team


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