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Lotus 2-Eleven. Reduce to the max.

The contradiction in the title of this advertisement can be confusing. No automobile manufacturer has carried the traditional philosophy and thus the spirit of the brilliant designer and company founder Colin Chapman over the decades as consistently as Lotus. The art of omitting things that make a Lotus heavier, and therefore slower. This stringent, uncompromising implementation of simple physics already made Jim Clark unbeatable 50 years ago. In addition to his extraordinary talent, the choice of his Lotus racing team was mainly responsible for his magnificent, unforgettable victories.

Colin Chapman’s motto: “A car with lots of horsepower is fast on the straight. A car with little weight, on the other hand, is fast anywhere.” Chapman went down in automotive history as one of the few geniuses in the world.

To this day, this motto remains Lotus’s primary objective in the development and construction of its automobiles. Less is more.

Lotus builds cars that are 20 years behind their time in terms of today’s equipment and production standards.

Or ahead.

Our offered 2-Eleven is accident-free and exemplary maintained. The complete history is traceable up to the first delivery. There is not much more to say about a 2-Eleven. The connoisseurs know what this vehicle is all about. For everyone else, interest usually wanes noticeably after the second or third question – for example, about electronic window regulators or air conditioning. That’s why in this case the information is still sparse – to put something like a 2-Eleven on the public road at all borders on genius madness, because there is hardly another car that pursues a goal so consistently: Performance, incredible performance, and then performance. The perceived longitudinal and lateral dynamics in this power plant is from another star and, in addition to new frontier experiences, means unbridled driving pleasure. It’s not about the usual superlatives of many super sports cars with which you can shine in a quartet game. It is about the implementation of driving commands.

No other car can do this better. Different, perhaps. More spectacular, perhaps. But hardly better.

Those who are looking for such a vehicle will find us. See you soon.

Thank you for your attention.

Your DLS team


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