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Original MB 500 SEL AMG-32V factory delivery.

On 13.11.1984, a medium-sized entrepreneur enters the MB-Representation Claus in Esslingen to fulfill a dream that was probably dreamt by many medium-sized companies in the 80s – he orders an MB 500 SEL in plain black 040 and in combination with leather medium red, code 277, and about 25 extras that increase the basic price by a smooth 50%.

But his dream is not over yet.

He can easily make DM 150,000 out of the almost DM 93,000 he has achieved so far by ordering a long-awaited AMG.

Increase in performance to 340 HP by conversion to 4-valve head  35.000.00

Chassis conversion                                                                                          2.100,00

2 AMG rims 8Jx16 with tyres a DM 1.202,oo                                            2.404,00

2 AMG rims 9Jx16 with tyres a DM 1.302,00                                           2.604,00

4 inner rim parts in car colour a DM 50,00                                                  200,00

Front spoiler 126/2 for rims up to 8×16 incl. paint work and assembly 700,00

Subtotal                                                                                                           43,008.00

14 % value added tax                                                                                         6,021.12

Total amount                                                                                                    49,029.12

And so the purchase price climbs from the original list new price of DM 64,200 to approx. DM 143,000. Gross, of course.

He has done it.

On 02.04.1985 he can pick up his “new one” at AMG. Unfortunately we never met him, but we have him practically in front of us….please believe us – he was certainly not a disinhibited fantasist, half-silk speculator or oligarch who picked up his bid at AMG. Mostly it was hard-working engineers, businessmen and technical aficionados, it was the successful middle-class elite of the Federal Republic of Germany, who recognized an increase of the best in AMG products.

For years, the current S-Class had been leading the way as the “best car in the world”, chosen by the then readers of the motorist’s “bible”, Auto, Motor & Sport. By a wide margin and unequalled by almost 30% of all voters, the W 126 was a power that no other manufacturer in the world could match. And of all people, a Swabian and a Rhinelander constructed things in a small grandiose apach, which virtually unhinged the world by doing what others did not even dare to think: making a Mercedes better and faster than the factory intended.

Dear readers,

we present you one of perhaps still 5? or 10? existing factory AMG of this series, i.e. vehicles which were put into operation exactly as such from the 1st day and with 0 km on the speedometer. AMG, at that time still essentially consisting of the two gentlemen named Aufrecht, Werner and Melchior, Erhard, were still young and needed the money! Fortunately, many owners of such Mercedes behaved like little boys and bought what they needed! Sillboards, spoilers, wheelsets, chassis and thick exhaust systems were sold by the ton and bolted to these cars. The republic was literally overrun by this small AMG-house and for a while they didn’t know how to get the stuff that urgently needed to be sold.

But few people would allow themselves a 32V engine. You couldn’t tell by looking at it, and in the meantime the streetscape filled up with more or less converted Mercedes, occupied by more or less dazzling figures…to be fair! But only few had a 32V-V8 under the hood.

So we have one of the few, ex factory (not retrofitted or converted from an accident vehicle etc., etc., etc., everything already experienced…).

He has now 35 years on the hump, and he has now covered a distance of 260000 km.

And now attention, the most important sentence of this vehicle description! It drives itself sensationally and dewy fresh. His technology is designed for eternity and this S-Class is the living parade example of how Mercedes built cars back then and how AMG rightly became by far the first address worldwide for all those who wanted the best car in the world to be even better. Here it is. You just have to sit in it, touch and operate everything, start the engine and drive a few meters with it. Then you know where the frog is wearing the curls.

One had only forgotten about it, but one is suddenly reminded of it if one only deals with it again briefly. It was and is the benchmark, the non plus ultra and state-of-the-art.

You are welcome to take a closer look at it in the photos! And if you like what you see so far, please feel free to make an appointment with us to view it. Either way, you will hardly find an alternative offer on the entire world market, but once you have viewed our offer, you will almost certainly not look any further. Everything else then gladly with us and during the conversation.

As always for you on the search for extraordinary, unique vehicles

Your DLS Team

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