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Mercedes Benz 560 SL in Reference Condition!

This offered SL had multiple luck.

It already started to be delivered for the first time in Switzerland. An American working in Switzerland ordered the car directly to his new job in Geneva and kept the car until his retirement in 2010 in Switzerland. Afterwards this splendid fellow came to Germany and had another owner, with whom we are very good friends and therefore could follow the further course of this SL until today quasi live.

Please have a look at the photos and details of the vehicle in advance, until we provide you with some more of the underbody and the technical aggregates such as engine, transmission and axle suspensions. The way it looks, it drives. Like a 560 SL that has just been well run in, it can now easily drive the same route for the next 34 years, and without any problems. The engines of the 80’s from Mercedes Benz were designed in such a way that they could basically drive a million or more kilometres without any revision. Already 2-3 decades ago we were confronted with S-classes, which were purchased for nothing else – to get their passengers from A to B in the most comfortable way without any incidents. Quite a few of them did not even have the time to cool down properly. A good old friend – chauffeur of a bank director – still tells us about “his” Benz, who had covered 660000 km within 4 years without even blinking an eyelid! The branch office had to inspect the car on weekends at that time, so that it was ready again on Monday, 4:00 am, to cover 160tkm a year.

The 560 SL also has the almost identical technical requirements, with one major difference. Its kilometres were usually not covered under time pressure. If so, they let him jump here and there out of pure joy with his 8 cylinders and his living room-sized cubic capacity, if that seems possible in Switzerland at all…but this SL certainly never had to torture itself in its 34-year career. You can hear, see and feel it in every situation. Its automatic transmission shifts perfectly, its rear axle makes no noise, all wheel bearings run on quiet soles and let it roll smoothly even with the AMG wheels in 235/255 tyres. The engine is and remains the dominant personality in this monument of a 2-seater Mercedes roadster. In fact, there is hardly a more relaxed way to drive openly with pleasure. Under all road conditions and in every situation, its pilot is in control.

Hardly any other 2-seater roadster offers you this. And none of the others can do it as perfectly as the “Benz” in the long run.

And so on the one hand we are courageous enough to recommend a Mercedes 560SL to you, which can face up to any critical appraisal. On the other hand, we hope that its future owner is either familiar enough himself or knows such an expert, and comes alone or gladly accompanied by his trusted connoisseur to visit us and convince himself of what we promise here – an extremely well-kept, technically TOP! preserved Mercedes classic, which never gets boring in its ideal equipment and motorization variant. Neither visually, nor driving.

To the mounted AMG wheels still another word, then we are also already through – the indicated price understands itself with the meanwhile unaffordable, 3-part AMG aluminum rims and the appropriate tires. If you prefer the standard 13-hole set of aluminium rims with new 205 tyres, the price is reduced by €3,000 to €41,950. However, you should not ask us for advice on this point, as we would take over the car with both sets of wheels. The AMG wheels look extremely good on him and justify even in the middle of the season to change the car again…just for the soul. But basically, you have to have both, because the AMGs won’t get any cheaper in this lifetime.

So they are in good company, because that’s exactly what distinguishes the 560 SL in this condition. It will never be cheaper again. Because for what it can do and for the quality it is in, it is, quite literally, extremely good value for money. To this end, we expressly request that you inspect all the vehicles available to you in the manner mentioned. With expertise and in peace and quiet, right down to the smallest cracks.

Afterwards you will know what WE mean by quality. And also, how many others use this term… at the latest then you will understand why this SL is worth every cent. Or other offers much too expensive…


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