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Porsche 911 Versuchsträger mit 2.7RS-Technik // Tagesleuchtfarbe gelb // einmalige Geschichte


Technische Spezifikationen

Hersteller/ Modell: 
Porsche 911 2.7S Prototype
Laufleistung: 150500 km
Exterieur: traffic yellow
Interieur: black leatherette
Erstzulassung: Sep/1973
Leistung in PS/kW: 210 PS
Fahrzeugaufbau: Sportwagen/ Coupé
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2.687 ccm, 210 PS, Max 245 km/h, 0-100 km/h 6.1 sec.


Kaufpreis: on request


We’ll let you in on that: According to the original documents of Porsche AG and the only previous owner available to us, this very special Porsche was built in July 1972 for the test department and completed approx. 16000 km of test drives with red license plates without road approval. In September 1973, Porsche AG sold the car to an engineer from Heilbronn, Germany, after the vehicle had been individually inspected by TÜV and received a factory clearance certificate with all technical data and was approved for public road traffic. In the same “traffic yellow daylight colour”, with a 2.7 RS engine from the test department, with the famous “duck’s tail”.

Its first owner kept all documents in an exemplary manner, giving us an almost diary-like insight into the very eventful history of this solitaire.

Since September 1973.

Until today.

Starting with the original purchase contract between Porsche AG and its buyer, all accompanying letters from Porsche AG for registration, up to all granted special permits regarding its technical modifications and colour, issued by the Stuttgart Regional Council for temporary participation in public road traffic.

The history of this Porsche 911 available to us impressively proves – because it is really complete – its past. We are therefore firmly convinced that there is no other example of this test vehicle in the world with even a similarly complete history to be admired.

We were able to acquire the Porsche directly from its first owner a few years ago. It was soon clear to us that we should only approach the vehicle very cautiously. Our goal from the first loosened screw on was clearly defined – a restoration to exactly the condition in which the vehicle left the Porsche factory at that time, in strict compliance with the specifications of the Turin Carta: to preserve as many original parts as possible, to restore them to their original condition or at least to put them back in the best possible condition.

You can now see the result after 3 years on the first current photos. Others will surely follow, as well as we will do some small work on it. We will also take the necessary time for this, but we would also like to take you as an interested reader along with us.

A wonderful task in times of a pandemic and threatening curfew… Just between us: We are very excited 😊!


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