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Porsche 993 4S Coupé // polarsilver metallic // 93’km

One of the most beautiful models of the last air-cooled Porsche 993 in one of the most suitable color combinations you can give it – the 993 4S in polarsilver metallic with black leather. It was practically already born as a classic and is basically the most beautiful 993 due to its turbobroad body and all other turbo components such as all-wheel drive, chassis and brakes, but with all the finesse of the “normal” 993 in terms of consumption, everyday compatibility and even family suitability… A turbo in the hands of a driving license novice can have bad consequences, but the 4S behaves lamblike and safe in every conceivable situation.

We present you here an outstanding example, which was originally delivered in the USA and changed three owners there until 2007. In the meantime it has been in Germany for 12 years and for most of that time it was in the hands of the renowned Porsche workshop Cartec-Pro A. Appenroth in Pflege, where he received fresh operating materials every 2 years and was moved in between by the owner as well as the workshop master. The mileage within the last 10 years is barely 3,000 km, which took place mainly in agreement with the workshop during fair weather weekends, after the Porsche was checked for oil and air pressure, and was handed over with a full tank for the weekend.

We are talking about an accident-free, exemplary maintained 993 4 S with a very moderate total mileage of 93,000 km, which was modified in the right places such as chassis and exhaust system in a way that most 993 enthusiasts would like to have. In addition, it is painted in polar silver metallic, which plays magnificently with the perfect curves of the 993 and, depending on the light and mood, always inspires anew. Finally, the additional equipment leaves nothing to be desired. For example, the all-electric seats with lumbar supports and seat heating are installed, as are cruise control and an electric steel sunroof, the rear wiper and, of course, a Porsche CDR-21 radio, which can be switched on as an alternative to the engine sound package when you’re standing in a traffic jam… Otherwise the power button will probably get dusty. The sound provided by the installed flap system in combination with the intake noise is beguiling and rounds off the perfect appearance of this beautiful Porsche.

We will provide you with further information here shortly, once we have reviewed the entire history. For those in a hurry, we have as always provided a telephone number or several e-mail addresses to reach us.

Thank you very much for your interest in the car in advance! We understand you perfectly.

Your DLS Team

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