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Porsche 993 BiTurbo State-of-the-Art


Technische Spezifikationen

Hersteller/ Modell: 
Porsche 911 993
Laufleistung: 95770 km
Exterieur: schwarzmetallic
Interieur: Leder anthrazit
Erstzulassung: Okt/1997
Leistung in PS/kW: 520 PS
Fahrzeugaufbau: Sportwagen/ Coupé
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ABS, el. Wegfahrsperre, el.Fensterheber, Klima-Automatik, Lederausstattung, Leichtmetallfelgen, Navigationssystem, Servolenkung, Sportsitze, Xenon-Scheinwerfer, Zentralverriegelung

Mod. 98 (letzte Bauserie), schwarzmetallic, Leder/Alcantara schwarz, Gesamtlaufleistung 95770km,
unfallfrei, lückenlose Historie. Die tiefgreifende Umrüstung des Fahrzeugs wie unten aufgeführt umfasst jedoch alle wesentlichen Baugruppen und Verschleißteile, wodurch das Fzg. Neuwagen-Charakter aufweist.


Scheckheft liegt vor, Historie vorhanden, Wertgutachten vorhanden, Fahrzeug ist unfallfrei

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He is back.

After around 8 years in a small but very fine automobile collection, this unique 993 turbo is allowed to leave again, which is why the owner commissioned us to sell his gem.

Nearly 800 km of movement since 2011 more. Under the best possible conditions. No rain. No snow. Nothing that could have hurt him. 4-year inspections with change of operating materials, review. Otherwise, among several, truly large automobiles. He was doing very well in this company.

He has not changed in any way. Therefore, we take over our then, valid today description and ask for attentive regarding of the photos and reading details described.

This car was created in painstakingly and lovingly, many years of work of a detail-loving perfectionist, who translated his ideas and wishes into a consequence we have never experienced before. The vehicle described in detail below you will hardly see a second time, let alone get offered for sale.

It exists in the minimum possible quantity: 1.

Exactly what you see, we met at the unloading. A germ-free masterpiece that combines unique details in a unique way and will be hard to repeat. Absolutely nothing about the vehicle can be improved.

A through and through defined model athlete who, from the very first glance, does not have one ounce of visual effects, but not even one gram of the ingredients that make it look so impressive. Only the further consideration and the detailed study of the many detail measures can be seen over time, which effort is necessary to create the result of such an outstanding car.

About the facts.


993 GT2 wheel carrier
993 RS handlebars
Coilover suspension KW Variant 3 “Cup Sport”
H + R stabilizers
Ruf strut bar
Rear axle stool rigidly mounted
Brake Guard on 380mm GT1 disc (identical to 997 GT3 currently) and 996 GT3 Cup 6-piston caliper
8 and 11 x 19 inch Victor Equipment rims with Pirelli P Zero 235/35 19 and 295/30 19

Conversion to rear-wheel drive
FD gearbox holder
complete 993 RS shift linkage and milled, black anodized shifter with short shifter

Optimized K24 GT2 turbos
100 sports catalysts
Sports pots by DW Technik
Optimized and adapted Motronic by Andreas Appenroth
K & N air filter
reinforced pressure pipes on the LLK and GT2 Evo pipes on the Y-piece
RS-motor bearings
520 hp and 700 NM
This optimized to 520 hp WLS II version was installed by the Porsche Center Kiel, the engine parts came from Rolf Hobi, turbo expert from Switzerland.


new roof covering for sunroof removal and gutter removal in RUF CTR style (all in detail photo-tagged and perfectly executed)
New lacquer complete incl. Grinding up to the factory galvanizing and new lacquer construction including ceramic clear lacquer
Side indicators removed
Wash nozzle headlights removed
RUF side mirror in the original cup design look
RUF rear spoiler (smaller optics, fits perfectly with the mirrors and the gutter removal, out of production and a coveted rarity)
993 RS / GT2 thin glass rear window without rear wiper
993 RS / GT2 thin glass in the side windows and the complete door glazing
993 RS aluminum front hood
small 993 RS windscreen washer
Carbon tub instead of spare wheel
all seals, headlight glazing, turn signals, clips, countless screws, etc. new

complete RS interior, but completely in Volleder Nappa and Alcantara and by Jakob Janzen / Location on Porsche exclusive department level
original 964 RS bucket seats, completely rebuilt
996 3-spoke steering wheel once in the Carrera GT style and once complete suede
Hub extension XTEND55 (on request and if required)
hand-made boost gauge on the technology of the clock with all the lights
narrow knee bar without ashtray, continuous, slightly padded and in full leather
993 RS Clubsport Hanger by Matter incl. Special leather cover in Alcantara / Nappa
Sky Alcantara
The car has all the factory stickers, including the color code identification in the boot lid, the production label on the inside of the trunk lid, as well as the production stickers in the passenger side B-pillar, as well as the engine compartment sticker.

These are the sober alterations on the whole.

Hundreds of details have been changed, improved, optimized. It took years of patience, exchange of ideas, correspondence, professionals, masters of their profession, better: Called, for the most part also spinners in the most positive sense as the owner of this solitaire, who consciously and gladly reach their limits when practicing their craft, because only in this way, such a vehicle can arise.

With maximum enthusiasm, with heart, clear ideas, visions, limitless budget to the end and finally a very simple declared taste:

The best is good enough. It does not have to be more.

In fact, today we can proudly tell you that we got the sales order for this one-off. In all important economic aspects, it is very important to the owner and ourselves to find a worthy successor who appreciates all the years of work, research, craftsmanship in the sum and finally at least a fraction of the financially significant expenses.

The reward is a 993 Turbo, in which you will inevitably come across the question on prolonged consideration: Why did not those of Porsche build it the same way?

Again, there is a relatively simple answer: he would have become priceless if the work had accepted so many details. In any case, with our many years of experience and a truly solid network of good craftsmen in all areas of work on lover vehicles, we do not know anyone who would sign up to be able to deliver a vehicle at this top-of-the-range level of craftsmanship. “State of the Art”. In addition to the question of price and ability, this is also a matter of patience. Last but not least, but above all unconditional will and stringent aspiration to accept no compromises.

From the beginning to the end. Whatever it takes – time, nerves and money – NO COMPROMISE.

Also, with all the enthusiasm recurring question, whether it despite perfection of craftsmanship, harmonious combination of all the above components to this solitaire at the end of the day but not legitimate doubts about the value and the desirability of a no longer “original” Porsche may give basically, you can answer yourself:

Just open your mind and ask yourself: “Do I like the car, the way I see it now? Does it convince me technically and visually in any way? And, most importantly, would I wished him to be like that – if I had the choice? ”

If you can personally answer these questions with “yes”, there is only one last question to answer: Do you really think you are alone in your opinion on this automobile artwork?

Thank you for your attention.
Your DLS team

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