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Porsche 997 GT2 Clubsport // 6-speed manual gearbox // 20.700km // perfect!

Meanwhile, we use every opportunity to counter this nonsense and misconception that driver training and race track visits would fundamentally damage Porsche’s sports models and that these cars would be used up per se. This is, if you will pardon the expression, nonsense. Such cars are rarely bought by people to pick flowers on Sundays. Likewise, these cars see the red area of the rev counter more often than the buyer would like to believe. Never forget – after all, these are the best-beating, best-braking, best-accelerating and best-enduring sports cars in the world! They were built and designed to meet these requirements better than any other sports car. Provided that they are handled and cared for professionally, the potential buyer of such a car has nothing to fear when looking for it.

Every now and then, however, vehicles do turn up that were purchased not because of their special abilities, but simply because of their technical beauty and the high-tech engines installed underneath. Without ever having seen a racetrack, these – admittedly rarely to be found – vehicles spend most of their time in the garage, are overly cared for and only moved in the best of weather, carefully maintained, and finally are free of any traces of struggle that arise during racing. There are tarnished brake calipers, traces on the underbody from run over curbs, smooth roof linings through the helmet…nothing bad! But still visibly used in a species-appropriate way. Except for the very few, mentioned exceptions.

One of these kind of cars we offer you hereby. A car that, despite its brilliant features, would be perfect for this kind of use on the race track, but never had to be, because its owner just wanted to have this and no other car in his garage.

You will hardly find a better conditioned GT2 Clubsport. The vehicle has actually never seen a race track before, is in immaculate collector’s condition, is fully documented from delivery until today and has the Porsche “Approved” warranty on board until June 2020. Its last customer service was carried out in October 2019 at a mileage of 20,594 km in the Porsche Zentrum.

In the meantime, in numerous conversations with dealer colleagues and other people who deal with this subject professionally, we have come to a conclusion that perhaps even today does not play a significant role in the purchase of a super sports car. But let’s not fool ourselves, sworn Pistonheads.

The days of such cars are numbered.

The time-window in which such vehicles will be further developed in the traditional way and will be available to us motorists is closing increasingly in the medium to long term… it may be that one day alternative drive concepts and further developed driving assistants will move us foolproof, perhaps even faster, even more fascinatingly, into speed ranges that we are no longer able to reach on our own – no matter what talent we are blessed with – based on ourselves and our physical limits. But these will no longer be invented by genius heads like Ferdinand Piech, Hans Metzger or Gordon Murray, but rather by nerds who have a certain talent for particularly sophisticated driving programs…Dinosaurs like a GT2 or similar cars are already capable of much more than the majority of supposedly good, talented drivers.

The difference to the assumed – or should better be “feared” here? – super sports car in the near future, however, is a serious one! They still have multi-cylinder 4-stroke explosion engines in their fuselage, which captivate us from the first turn on and draw us into their spell. Depending on the manufacturer and design principles, they represent the limits, the peak of what is possible today, and show what is possible today.

However, a trend has long been noticed that is creeping into all new introductions of such cars. We still let ourselves be dazzled by the facts and figures, which radiantly convey to us at every debut that the previous model was once again topped in all respects and that the “new” one can do everything better…and all this with 2-4 cylinders less, 2-4 liters of displacement less, and finally 2-4 liters less consumption, if one moves the sports car in a quite untypically unsporting way and goes on the sneak hunt for third mix best values. …recently we heard during a conversation with an engine developer from the company that once invented the automobile: the upcoming S-Class, the epitome of superior motorisation and best driving characteristics, will be called S 400 so-and-so, but will house a – probably several times – supercharged 2-litre three-cylinder engine that will certainly do everything perfectly!

It will be the future. 6, 8 or even 12 cylinders have not been further developed or even redesigned for more than 3 years…

This trend will also not stop at the super sports cars of the future. Electric motors and/or small volume combustion engines will be our future, dear “fellow passengers”. Yes, we are all sitting in the same boat and are watching powerlessly and inactively to see what our mobile future will look like in the opinion of future leaders.

Don’t you think that worldwide enthusiasts, including ourselves, will secure cars like the GT2 and never give it away again? We firmly believe that there are far more determined fans of such cars than there are cars of this kind themselves. And we are even more convinced that in the foreseeable future we will have to give up more and more offers like this one, because such cars are on their way into the hands of people who never dream of ever giving them back.

They represent the spearhead of today’s car manufacturing industry. They are the last representatives of a species of vehicles which, thanks to their outstanding construction, the finest materials, sophisticated technology using high-revving engines and/or intelligent charging systems, achieve performance levels which are beyond the imagination of most people on this planet. Only a few people enjoy driving these technology carriers. Of these few, even less are left when it comes to taking such vehicles to their limits.

Of course, you have to be able to afford such a vehicle, no doubt about it.

So if you are in the lucky position and looking for a car like this, we strongly recommend a visit to our company. We would be making big bets that these dinosaurs will move away from the market and into private garages where they will stay for a long time.

This GT2 couldn’t be better conditioned, both by its history and its condition in every respect. Let us convince you of this with a personal visit.

Your DLS Team

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