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Porsche 997 GT3 Mk1 // no accidents, no race track // 65.500km

The Porsche marketing managers praised the GT3 – the first purist road racing car based on the 997 – with its new presentation in March 2006 as “the pure doctrine”. In general, there is no better way to summarize the sporty driving characteristics of this model, we think. Let’s get to the key data of the car we offer.

This first-generation GT3 is one of the few that – admittedly untypically – has never been used for race track operation. Certainly, the car was moved in a sporty and appropriate way, but its previous South German owners did not take it to one of the race rings in the surrounding region. We know this so well because the car was exclusively looked after and maintained by a Porsche Center here in the area until its last change of ownership. The combination of the available invoices, the personal conversations with PZ representatives or previous owners, the over-revving protocol and the obvious impression of the overall condition of the car allows us to draw the following conclusion: This GT3 has been upgraded in a technically and optically sensible way, but in racing use it was not used for one hour. It presents itself absolutely flawlessly in top condition (current service in 07.2020 incl. brakes), the lift system installed in 2010 (4,800 Euro) and the retrofitted bucket seats from the Porsche 918 (6,500 Euro), the Clubsport cage installed in 2015 together with the six-point seat belts and the fire extinguisher suit it perfectly. The car is accident-free and was only repainted on the right rear sill because the paint surface was damaged when a small object was driven over.

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The maintenance history in detail:

03.09.2009 // 19,100 km: PZ Pforzheim – small maintenance
05.07.2011 // 42.786 km: PZ Pforzheim – major maintenance incl. spark plug change and airbag system test
07.03.2013 // 54.376 km: PZ Pforzheim – small maintenance
01.04.2015 //61.167 km: PEW Sportwagen – major maintenance incl. spark plug change and airbag system test
06.06.2020 // 64,892 km: Joos sports car technology – small maintenance
24.06.2020 // 65.351 km: Joos Sportwagentechnik – Brake system front

The equipment codes:

C00 german version
XMZ rear center console leather
XSC Porsche emblem on headrests
XSX safety belts indian red
XTV interior add-on package door panel leather
195 Battery 70 Ah
288 Headlight washer
377 16-way adjustable sports seats left
378 16-way adjustable sports seats right
454 Tempostat
482 Tire pressure monitoring system
490 Sound Package Plus (incl. CD tray)
509 Fire extinguisher
567 Windshield with grey wedge
601 Xenon headlights


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