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Renault Sport Alpine A110 Pure // 11′ km // one pre-owner


Technische Spezifikationen

Hersteller/ Modell: Renault Alpine A110 Pure
Laufleistung: 11400 km
Exterieur: alpineblue-metallic
Interieur: leather black
Erstzulassung: Apr/2019
Leistung in PS/kW: 252 PS
Fahrzeugaufbau: Sportwagen/ Coupé
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ABS, el. Wegfahrsperre, el.Fensterheber, Klima-Automatik, Lederausstattung, Leichtmetallfelgen, Navigationssystem, Servolenkung, Sportsitze, Zentralverriegelung

1798 ccm 4-Zylinder-Turbo Mittelmotor, 252 PS, 0-100 km/h 4.5 sec, Vmax 250 km/h


Kaufpreis: 56.950


We are extremely pleased when – once again – the French take a heart and build a sports car that finds its way into small series production past every red pencil controller. Renault can’t pursue any serious profit intentions with this car, for which there are several reasons.

First of all there is the price, which seems to be quite high for the uninitiated observer. But when he learns what it means to develop such a vehicle from scratch, to test it, to push it through all registration authorities worldwide, and to get the marketing department to introduce it, he quickly realizes: nowadays you have to be very strong in the saddle to ride the official grey horse to the finish line. All the more so, as it is a lame, moody and bitchy plough horse, which is very hard on the patience…

Once this first and biggest hurdle has been cleared, a company like Renault should think in terms of appropriate quantities if the newly introduced one is also to be in the black at some point – in the case of the A110, about as likely as the overall victory of a Beetle Convertible in a Formula 1 race.

And yet a company like Renault takes heart and launches a car like the Alpine A110. It can’t do much more than provide lasting fun, because it follows a long forgotten maxim that seems to have been out of fashion for decades: Light. You surely remember Colin Chapman, the brilliant Lotus founder and gifted designer? When he drove his cars, they always felt as if they were disassembling themselves. Every screw, no matter how small, was saved unless it was absolutely necessary to hold the car together. Each sheet of metal only as thick (or better: thin), in order not to flutter through the airstream at higher speeds. Its “seats” were usually thin, covered cushions that kept the worst off, and the add-on parts were usually so filigree because they had only one chance of a firm fit – if they were and remained mounted ex works. If one of the parts was screwed off, it was never safe to attach it again with a firm hold…

The French counterpart to this has a name: Alpine A 110, but this time the designers did everything right! Despite a weight of 1100 kg, the Alpine looks like it is all of a piece. Despite all the finesse and many filigree details, which you can find in every corner of the car, you dare to tackle the car powerfully and move it with great agility. 1100 kg demand high tech when a direct shift gearbox with automatic clutch, lush Brembo brakes with corresponding steel discs and a supercharged engine with over 250 hp for propulsion. Not to mention all the obligatory helpers such as ABS, power steering, automatic air conditioning and ESP, which are also on board and have a calming effect on the driver’s mind. The driver – who is not completely unemotional about the fast laps – can easily get into a kind of cornering frenzy with the A110, knowing that the little helpers like ESP etc. are working discreetly and yet courageously in the background. After relatively little practice, the Alpine gives a driver the feeling of driving better than ever! Everything runs smoothly! Curves do not have to be corrected in the middle of a quick drive through, because the car finds its line and thus relieves the driver very sensitively. Within a very short time he has an unmistakable feeling for the limits of what is possible on public roads. And the best thing about it – the Alpine has a lot more on the pan, but invites you to the race track to dance rock n roll. On the road, on the other hand, it offers hearty jive.

Our offered Alpine A110 comes with the following options ex works:

Alpine blue (are there other colours available? We can only imagine this car in this color 🙂

light sabelt sport bucket seats made of black leather and microfibre

Sight package

Front and rear parking aid with rear view camera

Active sports exhaust system

High performance brakes with 320 mm from Brembo front

18-inch polished light-alloy wheels, Serac

Alpine Telemetrics

Focal audio system

Floor mats with leather edging and logo

Aluminium passenger footrest

Aluminium pedals

Steering wheel with blue Alpine logo in the middle

Coloured brake calipers in Alpine blue

Tyres 205/235 40 R18

Interior mirror automatic dimming


and here it comes: a goodie that should not be on this version of the A110 – instead of the Serac-Alurder our Alpine carries the 18 “Fuchs

The vehicle is accident- and repainting-free, has covered a pleasurable 11000 km last summer, and has received the inspection, which is still far from due, in advance so that it can start the new 2020 season dewy fresh.

We wish you a great start to the spring season and if you are lucky, you will start with one of the most beautiful, affordable sports cars on the planet!

With the best wishes and recommendations, which real car drivers can recommend to you.

Your DLS Team

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