Fahrzeug Exposé

Porsche 924 S, 66000km overall mileage, last Series, Reference Condition


Technische Spezifikationen

Hersteller/ Modell: 
Porsche 924 S Targa
Laufleistung: 66501 km
Exterieur: indischrot
Interieur: Velours Nadelstreifen, Kunstleder
Erstzulassung: Mai/1988
Leistung in PS/kW: 160 PS
Fahrzeugaufbau: Sportwagen/ Coupé
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Leichtmetallfelgen, Schiebedach, Servolenkung, Zentralverriegelung

2448 ccm Reihen-Vierzylindermotor, 160  PS, Vmax 228 km/h, 0-100 km/h 7.2 sec


Kaufpreis: 25950


Not a handful of further 924 S is at this price level. However, if you are on the conscientious search for one of the best-preserved examples of this Porsche, which was so underrated in earlier years, you will not be able to pass up our offered 924 S. So if you are serious about this ambitious goal, please make an appointment to view it. If you have the time to visit all “good to very good” vehicles, we would like to encourage you to do so! Compare data, details, vehicle history and actual condition. Just as the vehicle is now, here and today, and whether this required many, few or no “cosmetic” tricks.

Our vehicle presents itself exactly as it left the factory: complete in the original paint except for the front apron below the bumper, the interior in velour “pinstripe” combined with imitation leather, first, flawless carpet, first set of windows, first, flawless dashboard without any cracks or holes, headliner, side panels etc. absolutely as good as new, paint condition despite indian red high gloss without dents, scratches etc. The optional extras include the very popular forged aluminium rims, power steering, electric targa roof, electric windows, tinted glass, velour and other extras.

And so finally an appraisal of the free and independent expert comes to the mark 2+, which certifies the condition of a cultivated, 2-3 year old copy of the vehicle. Mind you, without ever having been restored within the last 3 decades.

Please have a look at the photos of our 924 S in maximum size, if your PC allows it.

These photos already indicate what you can expect “live” – a Porsche 924 S that will never be so reproducible again, because it is in original best condition. By now you know yourself what we are aiming at: THE ORIGINAL exists only once!
Every renewal irretrievably destroys the original condition and cannot be reversed.

Fancy effects and drum rolls are for the circus, so please rely on one thing above all: You will find exactly the vehicle we describe here. No surprises, especially no bad ones. Our reviews speak for themselves:

100% match on the vehicle description in mobile.de and on our Facebook page.

The vehicle has a complete original chequebook with a continuously documented maintenance history, the original board folder, all original keys, e-wheel, tools, compressor, etc. It is in accident-free top condition and deserves the expert opinion grade 2+ with good reason.

The vehicle has a fresh general inspection with AU and H certificate and a detailed inspection when we give it away. The timing belt, the water pump, the tyres and the tension rollers were renewed in November 2019 in the course of a full inspection. So there is no maintenance backlog when the next buyer takes it over.

That is why we do not write VB under the price, but rather supply what is probably the best 924 S you can buy at the moment. No more, no less. For this we ask for your appreciated understanding.


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Veröffentlichung: 26. May 2020
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