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Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 Rally // unique

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Technische Spezifikationen

Hersteller/ Modell: Aston Martin Vantage GT4 Rally
Laufleistung: 5.000 km
Exterieur: blue metallic/ white foil
Interieur: black
Erstzulassung: -/2012
Leistung in PS/kW: 500 PS
Fahrzeugaufbau: Rennstreckenfahrzeug
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ABS, Leichtmetallfelgen, Servolenkung


Kaufpreis: 189.950 Euro


Probably the most famous Aston Martin rally car worldwide.

Born in 2012 as one of only 53 Vantage N24 models built, the Aston was initially used very successfully in a total of 9 races of the GT4 series. The Finnish rally specialist Kari Mäkelä bought the Aston Martin to build it based on ProDrive’s idea of a Vantage-based “Rally GT” version, which was never seriously used, however, as a consistent development of the “Rally GT”. From 40 years of rallying experience and an Aston Martin Vantage N24, already converted to R-GT specification, he created a unique masterpiece that more than lived up to the reputation of “the best Aston Martin rally car, that Aston Martin never built”.

The consistency and perfection in the implementation of this project is as unique as the car itself, and will certainly not be repeated in this convincing form.

Mäkela optimized the “Rallye GT” continuously until it clearly exceeded the factory rally commitment at that time. Meanwhile, the 2012 Vantage Rallye with 500 hp under the hood has long enjoyed cult status, especially in the race-oriented fan community. Its popularity has been further enhanced by its involvement with world-class drivers at international motorsport events, such as the Festival of Speed 2017 or the WRC Rallye du Var 2017 with Francois Delecour in the driver’s seat.

To test the reliability as a rally vehicle, Mäkela also chose an extreme terrain in advance – The Lapland Arctic Rally 2015, an impressive 900km racing adventure through deep snowy landscapes at temperatures below minus 25 degrees. The car shone with unprecedented reliability, only a few misfires at minus 28 degrees clouded the otherwise good performance. First and foremost, this includes a professional approach, planning, preparation and precise timing of all individual work processes, but also a team of efficient mechanics and designers working hand in hand to build a fully compliant (FIA, FFSA, DMSB) competition vehicle that functions under all conditions.
The love of detail and the drive for perfection runs like a red thread through the entire vehicle and can be seen in hundreds of details – full professionals were at work here, who declassified the factory ProDrive project in every respect.

To see this Aston in action is an automotive highlight that you will never forget.

If you want to experience the Aston Martin with Francois Delecour as driver, you can do so immediately under the following YouTube-link.


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