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BMW Isetta 250

What should we lose words about this little car and at the same time quite a big heartbreaker?

“She” is the sweetest little car ever built. Especially women love her. Without exception, the “Knutschkugel” steals the show from every Ferrari (wherever it appears), it forgives even the grossest driving errors and irons them out again just by its presence – take a normal car and a random Baden-Württemberger with his Passat the right of way and you know what you’re in for… And now do the same when you’re in an Isetta…. – The Isetta is pretty much the only car that can be parked under the roof of a bus stop in sudden rain (and above all: can be), it is the only car that can be fully restored on the kitchen table, in the cellar or in a corner of the laundry room and it is pretty much the only car that you can get on after a flat tire with bicycle repair kit.

The Isetta has chugged whole hordes of vacation-mad Germans all the way to Bibione, Rimini, Venice, Lago di Garda, the Dolomites and the very brave as far as Riccione, Cattolica or even Pesaro. We don’t know how, but according to the traditional stories, even small families managed to plan a 3-week camping vacation on the Italian Adriatic with the Isetta and to pull it off!

To our offered Isetta: It has a current value appraisal with condition mark 2 in the luggage. This is what she looks like and how she drives… Everything else you see already on the photos and gladly by mail or telephone further information.

If you don’t take her and put her in your garage just because of the good mood she spreads, it’s your own fault.

We are firmly convinced: An Isetta belongs in every good household. Not for driving… All the others can do that better by now. But for chugging along now and then, driving around the pudding here and there with mommy, or just because of the sudden good mood you get when you look at it. One should simply treat oneself to such an Isetta.

With single-cylinder 250cc recommendations from a proud breast
Your DLS – Team

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