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Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Series 1, Reference-Class grade 1

Uncompromisingly rebuilt S1 Coupe from 2013 to 2016, which is new or better than new in all essential points without exception. The Classic Data appraisal with a grade of 1 tells only half the truth about this exceptional vehicle. In all questions of driving dynamics a drastic improvement of the overall performance, drivability, reliability and finally in the finish took place beyond the restoration.
Not a car for the grail-keepers of originality, but for drivers who want a Jaguar E-Type that performs under all circumstances as a dynamically oriented driver of a sports car would want, but very rarely find so uncompromisingly implemented.
The details include the chassis, braking system, cooling system, powertrain (displacement, engine power, transmission, rear axle, etc.). These components were comprehensively worked on during the rebuilding in such a way that with this E-Type each only conceivable distance can be taken unrepentantly under the 215er tires. The driver can keep his usual driving style, as long as he keeps to the basic rules of driving a sports car of the 60s.
The 4.2 liter six-cylinder was prepared in such a way that on the one hand it remains wonderfully suitable for everyday use with its performance-enhancing measures and could theoretically do everyday driving without complaint. The proverbial breakfast shopping or to the office becomes with him the daily joy. The 5-speed gearbox shifts in a way that E-Type drivers always wished for, but never dared to dream of.
The large braking system of the XJ sedan decelerates this Coupe reliably, even if one drives steep pass descents in the Dolomites with it sharply. The temperatures of the operating fluids always maintain pleasant values through appropriate radiator selection and control of the thermals. The electrical system is reliable under all conceivable circumstances with a new, self-developed wiring harness and reliable connections. Every light bulb, every electrical function can be called up at any time and any place. All instruments function with jitter-free pointers and correct, reliable values. Just like the whole entire vehicle.

We could add meter-long descriptions of all interesting details here to explain this unique E-Type to you – in the end we would again run out of space for the necessary text.
Therefore we ask concrete prospective customers cordially gladly to the inspection of this dream car, and afterwards the examination of the two bulging folders, in order to be able to understand, how meaningfully an amount of approximately €140.000.- can be invested into a Jaguar, if the result turns out in such a way as in our case.

Covid-19 requests that you contact us in accordance with the applicable regulations to discuss a safe encounter.

So, should you be looking for an E-Type that delivers superior performance anytime, anywhere, that search is limited to perhaps a handful of cars that have been restored and rebuilt to this exact extent and consistency.
Among these few examples, you will be hard pressed to find an equal or even better. We say this very confidently, because we speak from experience and can assure – better simply isn’t possible.
So take a chance and check out what we promise here: probably the best drivable Jaguar E-Type you will find on the market.

No more and no less.


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