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Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Series 1, Reference-Class grade 1

The unforgotten Fritz B. Busch wrote about it almost 60 years ago: It doesn’t matter whether you choose the way around the back or the front of the car, if you want to open the passenger door to get in as a gentleman of the lady of your heart – you only save 10 minutes of walking if you walk around the back…

The hood of an E-Type is not just a hood. It is basically half the car. You open it, and you strip one of the sexiest cars ever. The emphasis is clearly on “EVER”. Cars that already leave such a lasting impression statically, i.e. just standing there, can be counted on a maximum of two hands if you use the last 130 years of automobile development and design as a source.

The Gullwing – SL certainly belongs to this illustrious circle. We would add the Miura. A Bugatti Atalante for sure. What should not be missing is a Maserati A6GCS Berlinetta. A Ferrari 250 GTO would certainly fit well into this Olympus of all sculptures ever built. A Porsche 911 in its purest form as well, but then the air will be thin…maybe a goddess still…connoisseurs will know what we mean by that…and at the latest at this point the brooding starts. You might think of a Countach of the first series, the so-called Periscopio and a Lancia Aurelia Spider, but that’s it by and large.

We remember again Fritz B. Busch, who wrote the wonderful driving report at that time and did not forget: the Jaguar E-Type already has several handy oil canisters in the trunk ex works, because it loses an estimated half litre of oil per night. In winter it loses a little more, because the nights are longer…at that time Mr. Busch blissfully described the “Flat Floor”- E-Type of the very first series, just introduced to the market, in 1961, shortly after its presentation! So not a veteran, 60-year-old classic that you can see such incontinence.

And now, almost 60 years later, we are almost committing a blasphemy when we assure you that the E-Type presented here does not lose half a liter of oil per night. Not because it doesn’t have any more in it, but because it is leak-proof. Or better – as tight as a Jaguar can be. It sweats and is after 16000 driven kilometres and a complete restoration at maximum oil moisture, without ever having been cleaned in this time (just over 2 years) on the engine or the oil pan.

His restoration was a marathon run over 15 long years. The long-time previous owner had planned to do it, but it almost became a life’s work with big interruptions and, moreover, with even bigger bills to be settled for the individual works.

The result was an E-Type, which could be used as a driver with only a few remaining works, or with enormous effort to eliminate the mistakes of the first restoration by a further, complete restoration.

Now a friend of the house enters the scene, whom we would like to benevolently and well-intentionedly call Pingel. He decides – actually completely against his nature – for the first version “Driver”, buys the Jaguar about 5 years ago, and wants to make it a reliable Daily Driver with only a few remaining works.

We couldn’t believe our own eyes when we were able to follow the work after half a year, a whole year, 2 years. About 500 photos of the complete rebuilding arrived section by section as mail, and we were astonished by bigger and bigger blocks. In order to reflect this unique story of a restored Jaguar, which was atomized and rebuilt immediately after purchase, we start with the clear statement of a large Classic-Data report:

grade one.

After about € 130.000.- had flowed into the Jaguar, the appraisal was made, and afterwards within 2 seasons about 16000 km were covered with it. Including 2 times on the road to Goodwood and back, including several classic car rallies, including several simple-only-driving-and-driving-from-it-all rallies. Within these 16000 km, all remaining teething troubles, which every good and conscientious restoration entails, were thoroughly eliminated. Thus today one of the most beautiful specimens of the entire automobile history presents itself to you in a hardly more improvable general condition, which is in the meantime with the felt condition 1-. Or for very precise pingles like our friend of the house at grade 1.5.

Order is a must.

This is what you see. If you drive it, however, be prepared for something. It’s not just the 5-speed gearbox, not just the significantly stronger engine with the torque of a buffalo, not just the foolproof chassis for an E-type … you actually literally experience what makes this Jag in the end about all the features already mentioned.

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