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Porsche 911 turbo Cabrio // last series // 5-speed G50 transmission

A Porsche Turbo Cabrio – one with the magic letter “K” in the chassis number. It is precisely this K that identifies the Turbo as one of the last models built in the 1989 model year with the modern G50 transmission and five gears. A total of 844 Turbo Cabriolets were built with this groundbreaking feature, which made the Turbo much more homogeneous, rounder and thus more drivable.

The Turbo Convertible we offer is the 467th of 600 US models built. It presents itself like from the picture book, this 911 of the king class. Triple-black, in immaculate dream condition. Once you’ve driven this turbo convertible, it’s hard to imagine that this car is really more than 30 years old. It is well known that this technology in particular still looks brilliant today and that the look of any 911 in general is timeless. So, what do we know about the 30-year history of this car?

The Carfax gives a rough insight into various “passed inspections” and “title issued or updated” over almost 20 years – from Ohio to Florida to New York. The last mileage recorded – in New York in the Carfax – is 71,979 miles. In September 2011, an accident was recorded on the car in Staten Island, and in December 2011, the history of this turbo convertible ends in the USA.

The 911 was imported by Grenzlandring Motors in Mönchengladbach, a company specializing in air-cooled Porsches, and was purchased in accident-damaged condition by the current owner (left rear and right front). On his behalf, the vehicle was subsequently rebuilt from scratch. This procedure ensured the avoidance of conflicts of interest and allowed the turbo to be purchased new without any cost brakes. The term “new” was not chosen without reason in this context. The vehicle has the character of a new car. Let’s talk about the technology, for example: thoroughly inspected, once new, revised. According to Porsche specifications. About the appearance: repainted in original color L700, equipped with a new sunland top, fitted with new tires, the dashboard re-leathered, the speedometer changed from miles to kilometers – 122,860km. And, and, and…

In January 2016 after completion, the current owner took over the turbo, had it dry ice treated and sealed by our friends “Der Saubermacher” in Fellbach. This last, purely cosmetic work makes the turbo truly shine like a new car even on the entire underbody and incidentally serves the “cleaners” as a reference at Retro Classics 2016. Anyone who knows the high-end claims and philosophy of these two clean-up experts knows what we mean. By installing the original steering wheel and radio, the car finally becomes perfect – and presents itself to us today exactly like that.

Unfortunately, we do not have consistent documentation and all individual receipts for the 911. Even if some people will miss the logbook including the checkbook, even if the car comes from the USA and even if one will laboriously gather further reasons to talk oneself out of this turbo convertible: The car itself (which is what it’s all about, after all) can’t be improved upon. It is on the level of a mint year car that has never been allowed to see a puddle. The trim is better, we agree. The car itself is not.

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